Asked Questions

How do I use Monifex?

Monifex is a U.S based online transfer service which is used to send USD to other locations within the United States. The platform is available to anyone who needs it, for both professional and personal use. Customers will need to register for an account before they are able to use the full services.

Creating an account with Monifex is easy and is a process which can be completed online using the website in a few simple steps. Customers will be asked to provide some personal information including their name and contact details as well as creating a password to keep their account secure.

We have a number of security and privacy measures in place and have created the Monifex platform using the latest technology to ensure that your money is safe at all times. We take security, fraud, global anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism very seriously.

The Monifex platform is exclusively designed for sending money across the United States. It can not be used for wider international transfers and it deals exclusively in USD. Our platform us suitable for sending money for both personal and business purposes.

As soon as the transfer has been issued and processed by us, you will receive email updates to the email address associated with your account. All of our transfers are expected to be instant but this can vary depending on the size of the transfer and its intended location.

All customers are advised that due to the instant nature of our delivery system we will be unable to cancel any transfers once they have been processed. In light of this we ask all our customers to double check the information of all of their transfers before sending them.